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To provide a premium source and platform for those wishing to personally buy, sell or rent their marina berth worldwide.

Established more than 20 years ago, Marinaberths.com is purely dedicated to the sale, purchase and leasing of marina berths throughout the World. We provide an online marketplace that facilitates buying, selling and renting marina berths between individuals and businesses through our website.

Marinaberths.com provides a platform for private individuals, brokers and marinas to personally sell, rent or buy marina berths, slips or moorings. NO COMMISSIONS TO PAY.

We have grown into one of the largest, most widely visited websites for those wishing to buy or sell a marina berth. We continually strive to deliver a highly targeted, international audience for both buyers and sellers.

Our extensive experience in marina berth brokering, along with a professional yachting background has provided us with the knowledge to successfully broker marina sales around the globe.  Contact us if you would like to discuss our brokerage service.

Our name speaks for itself – Marinaberths.com. It’s what we do, pure and simple.

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